Gateway to UK Regulated & Real Estate-backed Lending for HNWIs and Financial Institutions

Our goal is to provide investors with an attractive level of capital growth of 6% to 8% per annum through exposure to the UK alternative lending market (Peer-2-Peer lending). Capital at risk.

About the company

3S Capital Partners manages fund's portfolio comprised of ultra short-term (12m) commercial loans secured against UK property originated via regulated Peer-to-Peer platforms

Our Product offers low volatility, low correlation to traditional asset classes with returns in excess of those from bonds and cash

Fund’s portfolio is spread across leading UK regulated lending platforms:


Why 3S Capital?

Property backed portfolio

Weighted yield 6.4% p.a.

Diversification over multiple loans

Over 70 years of the team's collective experience

Low fees

Regulated deals (through FCA enforcement of regs)

 Performance summary

Weighted Yield – All Time
YTD - Jan-Dec 2021
Monthly - Dec 2021

January 3, 2022



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