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Global Trade Finance Fund

With our uncommitted line of credit, your business can benefit from higher economies of scale and borrow between 0.5m and 10m in USD/EUR.


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Why trade finance?

Trade finance can help bridge the funding gap between paying your suppliers and receiving customer payments. We finance the payments that you make to your UK or overseas suppliers on your behalf, reducing the stress on your cash flow and allowing you to focus on growing your order book.


How does trade finance work?

Borrow between 0.5m and 10m* in USD/EUR. An upfront fee of 0.3% may apply.


An interest rate of 7% - 15% p.a., dependent on currency and risk profile.


Our trade finance fund shares its mission with our business banking partner, 3S Money: we enable growing businesses to trade globally and pay locally.

Our uncommitted line of credit allows your business to benefit from economies of scale – higher volumes, higher margins


Borrow up to 90% of your goods’ value


Streamlines cross-border trading by guaranteeing finance when required


Increase confidence – our uncommitted line of credit lasts for up to a year


Available worldwide – we work with businesses across the globe.

What is our definition of global?

We support global trade flows within the UK, Europe, Asia, US, Australia and some economically sound countries in Africa and Latin America.

We have high due diligence standards and don’t work with sanctioned or high-risk countries. 

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Goods that we finance


Soft commodities, food, feedstuff, and by-products


Hard commodities and semi-commodities

Durable consumer goods

Get started

When applying for our credit facility, you'll need to supply:

  1. Company history overview, key staff, ownership structure, goods traded, main markets, suppliers and off-takers, supply chain/logistics description

  2. Your financial statements for the last three years

  3. Examples of typical purchase/sale contracts

Please note that any credit products are offered by 3S Global Trade Finance Fund registered in the Netherlands.


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