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UK High Income Fund (RE-Secured)

Achieve an attractive level of risk-return profile of 6% per annum through property secured lending. Capital at risk.


Fund’s portfolio is spread across leading UK regulated lending platforms:


Proven track record

We aim to provide unit holders with an attractive risk-return profile of capital growth of 6% to 8% per annum through exposure to the UK property secured lending market - peer-to-peer lending.

The fund's resources are exclusively loaned against property security and trade receivables directly to borrowers via online peer-to-peer platforms.

Individual loans in the fund’s portfolio are spread across leading UK regulated lending platforms – we don’t do private unregulated deals. Enforceable collateral, due processes and regulatory oversight minimise risks of poor deal structuring and reduce our own due diligence and legal costs.

Real estate-secured portfolio

Weighted yield 6.4% p.a.

Diversification over portfolio of property secured loans

Over 70 years of the team's collective experience

Low fees

Regulated deals (through FCA regulation of the investment platforms)

Performance summary

Weighted Yield – All Time
YTD - Jan-May 2024
Monthly - May 2024

May 31, 2024

UK fund prformance stats

Managing risks

The fund’s portfolio is spread over 100 property-secured loans on five platforms in the UK.​

Active risk management: fund investors have several layers of protection:

3S Capital Partners

  • Hand-picking quality deals

  • Portfolio diversification

  • Treasury & liquidity management

  • Managing maturity through trading

  • Ongoing performance monitoring

  • Regular meetings with platforms

Please review the Key Information Document to learn more about the product and related risks

Peer-to-peer platform

  • DD and KYC of borrower and security

  • Security holding in trust

  • Secondary market infrastructure

  • Online infrastructure for live client cash and positions reporting

  • Security recovery administration

Why the UK?

Based on our decades of global investment experience, the UK has proven to be the best place for high-performing property secured loans. UK law and business practices are very friendly to investors looking for structured investment products.


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